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What We're All About

Revolution was started in 2010 with the basic idea that the church wasn't a sacred building or set of rules and traditions, but instead is a movement of people on mission together to live more like Jesus. We believe life with Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer. At Revolution we know that You Matter because God says you matter. You have value, honor, dignity, and purpose because God has not only spoken these things into you but proved it by sending Jesus to die for you. Revolution is a community of "differents"; different people from different backgrounds with different stories. But we are ONE Heart united together in our mission to help people find Jesus and live like Him.

Sundays at Revolution are all about creating an atmosphere where anyone, no matter where one might be on their journey, can have an encounter with Jesus. We welcome all into our family because we are better together and encourage each other in our journeys. And we're excited to partner with you on your journey. 

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