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Next Steps

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. - James 4:8

At Revolution we believe that life is better together. We're all about helping people find Jesus and live like Him. 

We Celebrate Jesus, Connect with others, and Contribute to the church, community, and beyond.

Check out some of our Next Steps below, or click "Get In Touch" to e-mail one of our staff team. We'd love to talk with you over a cup of coffee, chat about life, and encourage you in your faith journey. 

We celebrate who Jesus is and how He writes His story on our lives.  Become a follower of Jesus today, take the step of Baptism, or share your story so other's can celebrate with you!

We connect with others because we're better together!  Life groups of all types meet regularly, we pray for one another, and learn & grow together.

We contribute to the church, community, and beyond. We live open handed and practice audacious generosity. We serve others and engage our community. We partner with others around the world to help people find Jesus and live like Him.

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